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Stable Rugs

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A stable rug is one designed to be worn indoors. They are perfect for horses or ponies who spend time stabled, whether that’s for short or long periods of time, as they are usually made from breathable materials that wick away moisture and sweat, keeping your horse comfortable.

A stable rug is a useful one to have in your horse’s wardrobe. They are perfect to keep your horse warm in colder weather, as well as clean should he lay down or roll in his stable. Many riders opt to stable their horses in a rug for these reasons.

Stable rugs can be used all year round, but your horse or pony may not always need one when he is stabled. It depends on the temperature and weather, as well as your horse’s individual needs.

A stable rug helps your horse to stay warm, which means they won’t have to use energy to do so. Some horses will not need a rug when stabled, as they are warm enough and don’t need any extra help.

Young, veteran, sick and clipped horses are more susceptible to the cold, so may need a rug sooner than healthy, hairy horses. Certain breeds, such as Thoroughbreds or Arabs, may also feel the cold more.

Stable rugs aren’t waterproof, so shouldn’t be worn in the rain. They wouldn’t be suitable for turning your horse out in the field, even as a fly rug in the summer, as they are not made from tough materials so can be easily damaged with tears or rips.

For rainy weather, it is best to use a turnout rug, which is waterproof and designed to withstand the elements and keep your horse dry.

Stable rugs come in a variety of weights, so you can pick the right one for whatever the weather is throwing at your horse.

There are three main categories for weights:

  • Lightweight
  • Mediumweight
  • Heavyweight

Lightweight rugs have up to 100g fill, mediumweight rugs have roughly 200g of fill and heavyweight rugs have roughly 300g of fill.

Some rugs have 150g or 250g, or even go up to 400g of fill. This gives you plenty of choices so you can rug your horse appropriately no matter the temperature or weather.

Stable rugs are typically made from lightweight materials like cotton. They can be plain, quilted, padded or fleeced – so there’s quite the variety to pick from! Stable rugs are worn for long periods of time, and they are many owners’ choice when stabling their horse overnight, so this has been kept in mind during their design. They are soft, flexible and allow a full range of motion, so your horse is comfortable both standing and laying down to sleep.

Yes, stable rugs can be washed. With lots of use, rugs can become dirty, hairy or greasy and may need to be cleaned from time to time. This will help make the rug last longer, as well as keep your horse more comfortable.

Before washing, carefully check the care label of the rug to see if the manufacturer has made recommendations for washing. Some rugs can be machine washed, whilst others should be professionally cleaned to maintain the integrity and quality of the rug.

It can also be helpful to strip any hair that has collected on the rug using a brush. Gently brush in the direction of the material to remove hair without damaging the fabric.

It’s best to wash on a low temperature (unless otherwise specified) with a gentle detergent that won’t irritate your horse’s skin. Hang the rug out to dry and then it is ready to be used again.

Stable rugs are designed for indoor use, whilst turnout rugs are designed to be used outdoors.

Turnout rugs are waterproof and made from tougher materials to keep your horse dry and protect them from the elements. They must also withstand harsher use, like your horse or pony rolling in mud or scratching on fence posts, without becoming damaged.

Turnout rugs can be used in the stable, but stable rugs have been designed specifically in mind for this job and are thought to be more comfortable if your horse will be wearing a rug for long periods of time, such as overnight.

Perhaps you are turning your horse or pony out on a chilly morning, and rather than take all his layers off, you’d rather just pop a lightweight turnout rug on top of his cosy stable rug. Is this possible? Yes!

This is essentially using the stable rug as a liner, offering comfort and warmth, whilst the turnout on top provides the durability and waterproofing to protect him from the elements. This can be a good way to keep your horse warm on very cold days.

It’s important to remember that layering up rugs provides more warmth than just one, so be careful not to over-rug your horse.

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